Market integrity and transparency: REMIT

Since December 2011, the date on which the Official Journal of the European Union published Regulation Nº 1227/2011 regarding the integrity and transparency of the wholesale energy markets, this must be complied with.

This regulation establishes the norms that prohibit abusive practices which affect the wholesale energy markets and promote mechanisms that support their integrity and transparency.

In June 2013, the european committee for presentation and publication of data on electricity markets was published as European Union (EU) Regulation nº 543/2013.

In compliance with the integrity and transparency of markets objectives established in these European Regulations, Bizkaia Energia publishes information related to the capacity and utilisation for production, storage, consumption or transport of electrical energy, including the planned or unplanned unavailabilities of its facilities.


Information about units with an electricity generation capacity equal or greater than 100 MW

Generation Units
CCGT Amorebieta
Programmed unavailabilities
Scheduled unavailabilities
Real availability changes
Changes above 100 MW of real availability with a mínimum of one hour duration
There were no unavailability in 2020
generación de electricidad
generación de electricidad