REMIT: Market integrity and transparency

Since being published in the Official Publication of the EU in December 2011, Regulation (EU) Nº 1227/2011 relating to integrity and transparency in the wholesale energy sector has been in force.

This regulation establishes the rules and regulation that prohibit abusive practices that impact on the wholesale energy markets and at the same time, develops the mechanisms that encourage integrity and transparency.

In June 2013, Regulation (EU) Nº 543/2013 was published by the European Commission regarding the requirementsa for the setting out and publishing of data in the electricity sector.

In compliance with the objectives of integrity and transparency in established markets as set out in these regulations, Bizkaia Energia publishes such information relating to the capacity and use of its equipment of production, storage, use or transport of electrical energy, including maintenance, planned or otherwise, of said equipment.

Information relating to equipment with a generation capacity greater than, or equal to 100MW.

Generating Units
Amorebieta Combined Cycle Power Plant.
Planned Maintenance
Planned shutdowns for Bizkaia Energia over the next 12 months.
Modifications to Availability
Changes of greater then 100MW of availability, of greater than 1 hours.
No registered availability changes in 2015
generación de electricidad
generación de electricidad